Alain Doyle

A young man with seawater in his blood seeks to find his father, but his fondness for drink, songs and adventurous tales may bring more trouble than he can handle.


Alain is a solid six feet tall, square of jaw, clear of eye, perpetually tan of skin, and well-built. Though he has the lithe build common to his grandmother’s Varisian people, he is clearly not weak. Alain’s smile is broad beneath his straight Andoran nose, twinkling grey eyes, and wavy, shoulder-length light-brown locks. That smile has caught the attention of more than his fair share of young (and not-so-young) women.

He wears a militaristic-seeming dark blue coat (though it has no military emblems on it, and seems somewhat old – and very sturdy), dark grey trousers, and thick leather boots that, like his coat, are well-maintained, but showing signs of age. The boots have a deep, blue-black color to them, and shine with a carefully-maintained (but daily-worn) polish. The bandoleers across Alain’s chest are also of good quality and long use.

Quick to smile and laugh, Alain’s voice can commonly be heard lifted in song – typically traditional sea chanties, or Varisian folk songs. When performing mundane tasks, Alain will often be singing quietly to himself, but his voice will be raised loudest when he’s had a bit of a drink to “wet the pipes,” as he describes it. Even well into his cups, Alain rarely sings poorly, his voice easily spans the range from baritone to tenor, and he makes good use of every note.


Alain Doyle

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