Patch Cullen

A seafaring scoundrel is looking to get rich quick, unaware that destiny has a different plan for him.


Patch Cullen is a lean man with tawny skin, a short tail of sun-bleached sandy-blond hair, and lucent light green eyes that are reminiscent of shallow lagoon water. A cut across his left eye earned him the nickname Patch, and though the cut has long since healed into a thin scar on his cheek and brow, the name stuck. He sweats profusely, and keeps his hair tied tightly back in an attempt to make the wetness less apparent. The back of his right hand bears an abstract tattoo representing the Eye of Abendego.

His clothes are typical sailors’ garb – a loose, dirty-white roughspun shirt, a red sash and scrapwork vest, and baggy black calf-length trousers. Due to his constant sweating, his clothes are always a little damp, so he wears a rope of colored cloth to keep the water off his face and wears sandals when he can’t go barefoot.


Patch Cullen

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