Crew Upgrades

In addition to the structural upgrades the party can purchase for their ship, the party can also invest in training to upgrade how their crew performs in combat.

Got Your Back this upgrade represents a crew that looks out for each other in combat (or a skilled surgeon), resulting in 1d4 fewer casualties per combat. 2,500gp

Landlubbers Need Not Apply this upgrade represents a crew of more highly skilled sailors than normal providing a +1 on any of the Pilot’s or Captain’s skill checks. 1,000gp

Masterwork Arms this upgrade grants +1 to the crew’s Attack & Defense stats. 10,000gp

Siege Weapon Training this upgrade removes the -4 penalty crew normally has for operating siege weapons. 1,000gp per weapon type

Vicious Fighters this upgrade represents a crew that fights in a particularly bloodthirsty manner dealing 1 extra damage to their enemy’s morale per successful round in a Boarding Action. 10,000gp

Well Paid this upgrade gives a +1 to the crew’s Morale stat. 10,000gp

Crew Upgrades

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