Kolter Clockworks and Firearms in the Shackles

The main reason for the proliferation of gunpowder weapons in the Shackles is a gnome named Kolter, and his famous factory outside Port Peril. For reasons he won’t discuss, Kolter was forced to leave Alkenstar and like many renegades before him, settled in Port Peril. He opened a small shop that sold clocks and toys and made a decent living. Late at night, in the privacy of his workroom, he worked on firearms and provided the weapons to friends and selected friends of friends.

Without the resources of the Gunworks behind him, Kolter had to hand craft every weapon and demand for his weapons quickly outstripped his production capacity. At this point Dirwin Arnig, the only gnome on the Pirate Council, stepped in. Dirwin saw the potential profit of this new weapon. He convinced Kolter it would be in the best interest of Freeport’s gnome community to keep production of firearms “in the family.” Dirwin bankrolled an arms factory, while Kolter taught gnome craftspeople how to make the weapons. And so a local monopoly was born.

After just a few short years, production of the Kolter firearms was at its maximum capacity. Orders kept flowing in, and not just from the Shackles. Kolter’s high quality weaponry is well regarded throughout Sargava and much of northwestern Garund and southwestern Avistan. As the orders continued to come in Kolter quickly became one of Port Peril’s wealthier citizens.

The gold promised by this industry was certainly attractive to other entrepreneurs and it didn’t take long before some enterprising engineer dismantled a Kolter firearm and figured out just how they worked. As a result, some non-Alkenstari in Port Peril and elsewhere have begun to produce firearms of many different makes and models. However, the quality of these weapons is uneven and for now, they are generally all unreliable weapons. Some are downright dangerous to those who wield them.

Kolter Clockworks and Firearms in the Shackles

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