New Adventuring Gear

Item Cost Weight
Aiming Stock 4 gp 4 lb
Cockleshell Suit 800 gp 40 lb
Rummer Modification +500 gp -
Spring-Loaded Bayonet 5 gp 1 lb

Aiming Stock
An aiming stock looks like a pitchfork or military fork, but anyone feeling the poor balance will quickly conclude it is not a weapon itself. Rather, it’s an aid to help steady the recoil of some of the firearms and give them increased accuracy. As a move action, the aiming stock can be jammed into the ground and a musket laid into its V section.
As long as the firer doesn’t move from that spot, all attacks made with the firearm gain a +1 circumstance bonus to hit.

Cockleshell Suit
This suit is the salvager’s secret weapon. Attached to an air pump, it allows a diver to stay underwater for hours. The biggest liability of the cockleshell suit is the exposed air hose, which can be severed. The hose has AC 5, hardness 2, and hit points 5.

Rummer Modification
Rummer weapons were first developed by Sargavan rum-smugglers but they have since gained favor among adventurers and pirates.
A rummer weapon has a hollow handle or shaft that can be filled with up to six ounces of liquid. The wielder can uncork the contained and drink one ounce of the contents (or apply one ounce of oil) as a move action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Rummer weapons must be able to contain a volume of liquid—spiked chains, nets, slings, and ammunition cannot benefit from this modification.

Spring-loaded Bayonet
A loaded weapon is a tremendous asset in a fight, but an empty firearm is actually a liability in melee combat. With that in mind, the spring-loaded bayonet is available to those looking for a bit more versatility. A quick flick of a release catch turns a longarm into a spear in an instant.
The blade folds under the stock of a two-handed firearm and can be deployed as a swift action, turning the firearm into a shortspear. The weapons cannot shoot while the bayonet is extended.

New Adventuring Gear

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