Rum Ration

Aboard many ships, half a pint of rum is distributed to each crew member at dusk. The rum is staggeringly strong, and is often watered down to make grog. The rum ration is doled out more to keep the crew sated and docile than for recreation. The penalty for selling or spilling the ration is six lashes, or six lashes from a cat-o’-nine-tails for a second offense. Deliberately tipping away rum on board a crowded ship without being seen requires a Stealth check. While on merchant or navy vessels rum rations are strictly limited, on pirate ships, crew members can often request more rum if they please.

Rum Actions

Tip over the side: DC 10 Stealth Check. No bonus/penalty. Lashings on a failed check.

Sip/Make Grog: A pirate often waters the rum down with water, ale, or whatever other liquid might be handy/less potent (kerosene). A pirate who nurses his rum, or dilutes it to make Grog makes a DC 10 Fortitude Save, or is fatigued. 8 hours rest removes this fatigue. (Essentially failure means the PC needs to rest for a full night). This is a poison effect.

Drink Deeply/Scoll: A true pirate drinks his rum and likes it! He makes a Fortitude save at DC 15 or takes 1d3-1 Con Damage. He also gains a 1d4 alchemical bonus to Charisma for 8 hours (pass or failure). The next morning the PC must make a DC 10 will save or be fatigued until the PC can get 8 hours rest. This is a poison effect.

Rum Ration

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