Ships Encountered

The Dominator, a Chelaxian man o’ war. Captain Kyan Kain. Part of the Chelaxian Navy’s anti-pirate patrol system on the busy trade route around the Shackles.

The Emperor of the Waves, a 2-masted merchant fluyt found abandoned and floundering in the open ocean. Owned by Aubreck Drallion of Westcrown, Captain Marcellano Alazario- neither were aboard when encountered. Sunk by a maddened kraken.

The Man’s Promise, a 3-masted galleon captured by the Wormwood. Captained by Mister Plugg, first mate of the Wormwood.

The Misty Mourner, a 2-masted merchant caravel. Captain Jonas Morgan. Sunk by the Chelaxian man o’ war Dominator.

The Wormwood, a 3-masted carrack. Captain Barnabas Harrigan.

Ships Encountered

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