Arrrrr! It’s time to hoist the jolly roger and terrorize the Inner Sea! Stranded by the Chelaxian Navy, “rescued” by the the nefarious Captain Barnabus Harrigan and the dreaded crew of of the Wormwood, the party has survived deadly open ocean storms, delved sinking wrecks, braved monster infested caverns, stormed merchant ships, and finally seized control of a vessel of their own out from under their murderous captors, the Rahadoumi merchant ship Man’s Promise.

Now that they have a ship of their own, where will they go? What adventures will these hardy corsairs find in the wild and lawless Shackles?

The crew currently consists of
Abeni Adannaya Sibonakaliso, juju priestess and First Mate with a repertoire of literally unspeakable curse words,
Alain Doyle, hard-drinking gunman and Captain,
Conn Brennan, the man who swims like a fish and knows the sea like the back of his own hand, Sailing Master, and
Patch Cullen, water sorcerer and Quartermaster.


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