21 Pharast, 4713
Who Are You?

The Mourners sailed their new ship into Rickety’s Squibs, where they paid to disguise and rename the ship with the unlamented Mister Plugg’s loot. Told it would take several days to finish, they debarked and got their first fresh, home cooked meal in months.

18 Pharast, 4713
Much Too Much

Instead of following along in Captain Harrigan’s prize ship, First Mate Plugg promoted himself to Captain Plugg and set course for Rickety’s Squibs along the Slithering Coast to slap a new name and fresh lines on his new boat. After a storm damaged the Promise, the Mourners were chosen to find fresh water (and save a couple of lost crewmen) on an uncharted island.

To no one’s surprise, Plugg and Scourge attempted to kill the Mourners upon their successful return. To Plugg’s great surprise, they killed him and took control of the ship.

15 Pharast, 4713
Let's See Action

The Mourners eventually settled into their new situation over the course of weeks, making friends and enemies in the Wormwood’s crew. The Wormwood attacked and captured the Rahadoumi ship the Man’s Promise, with the party holding off twice their number of Rahadoumi sailors as they seized the Promise’s wheel.

First mate Plugg was given command of the Man’s Promise and ordered to follow the Wormwood to Port Peril. Captain Plugg immediately put into place even harsher rules and punishments than the Wormwood had, resulting in Abeni, Conn, and Shivvie all being scourged with the cat-o-nine-tails during the Bloody Hours.

3 Pharast, 4713
Cobwebs and Strange

The party was chosen to board a sinking ship, the Emperor of the Waves, where they encountered a demon worshipping orc druid and all manner of vermin. The party fled when the already broken Emperor was attacked and sunk by a sickened kraken.

28 Calistril to 2 Pharast, 4713
Call Me Lightning

After five days of brutal, back-breaking labor under the constant threat of Master Scourge’s lash, the Wormwood fails to outrun a huge storm. The crew fights through three days of whipping wind and rain before the storm blows itself out.

23 Calistril, 4713
Who Are You?

After three days floating on a makeshift raft the survivors of the Misty Mourner are finally picked up by a ship, the Wormwood, captained by infamous pirate Barnabas Harrigan.

Part of their rude introduction to their new ship involved watching a tengu crewman keel-hauled and thrown over the side when he died due to the torture.

20 Calistril, 4713
The Good's Gone

While serving on the Misty Mourner out of Port Peril, the crew was rudely awakened by the ‘All Hands on Deck’. The ship had been overtaken by the Chelaxian man o’ war Dominator, captained by Commander Kyan Kain.

Though the Chelish sailors found no contraband aboard, Commander Kain still suspected Captain Morgan of being a pirate and sank the Misty Mourner in the deep seas of the western trade route around the Shackles.


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