Boarding Actions

A crew has three stats: Attack, Defense & Morale.

Attack is equal to the captain’s Profession (sailor) skill.

Defense is equal to the captain’s Profession (sailor) skill + 10.

The following modifiers apply to both Attack and Defense:
Every 5 crew below minimum = -1
Every 10 crew over minimum = +1
Masterwork Arms = +1
Won previous round(s) = +2(cumulative)
Lost previous rounds(s) = -2(cumulative)

Morale a crew’s starting Morale score is equal to their side’s Infamy score divided by 10(round down), with a minimum Morale score of 1 and a maximum score of 10. Morale can be modified by the Shantyman prior to boarding, or by purchasing the “Well Paid” upgrade below, or by circumstantial bonuses or penalties the GM applies.

Once starting Morale has been determined the attacking crew rolls a D20 + Attack and compares it with the defending crew’s Defense stat. Whichever side is higher deals 1 point of Morale damage to the other side. The victor of that round has a +2 in the next round (cumulative). Keep track of the total amount of Morale Damage each side receives during the Boarding Action. This continues till one crew reaches 0 Morale.

A crew that reaches 0 Morale stops fighting and either surrenders or retreats to their own ship or tries to escape. This ends the Boarding Action. The victorious side receives an immediate +1 to their Morale.

Roll 1d4 per point of Morale Damage each side received during the Boarding Action. This represents the number of fatalities that side suffered. For example if a crew started with 4 Morale and was defeated, then roll 4d4 to determine the number of deaths they suffered. If a crew started with 4 Morale and was victorious ending with 2 Morale, they still suffered 2d4 fatalities during the Boarding Action. Casualties (serious non-fatal injuries) are always double the number of fatalities.

Boarding Actions

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