The Eye of Abendego

The Eye of Abendego (pronounced ah-BEN-deh-go) is a vicious, permanent hurricane located in the southern Arcadian Ocean off the western coast of the continent of Garund (west of the Sodden Lands and north of the Shackles).


The Eye appeared in 4606 AR in what was then known as the Abendego Gulf. Although the exact cause of its appearance is unknown, it came into being after three weeks of tempest following the death of Aroden, and remains as the greatest physical evidence of the event.


The intensity of the Eye is variable. At its weakest it can tear the sails off the biggest ships. At its strongest, the wind alone can blow a large vessel into splinters. The Eye periodically spawns smaller storms which travel up and down the Garundi coast, bringing torrential rain and hurricane-speed winds to outlying regions. It is these storms that brought down the countries of Lirgen and Yamasa, creating the Sodden Lands. It has been utilized to great effect by the pirate lords of the Shackles who hide their illegal activities behind it.

Magical divinations focused on the center of the Eye (since navigating there is impossible due to the rough seas and high winds) have discovered a large eye of calm whose waters are choked with debris.


Strong winds and high seas are not the only dangers of the Eye of Abendego. Sailors who have dared the outer rims of the hurricane tell tales of ghost ships, aquatic undead, unknown sea monsters, and powerful air elementals.

The Eye in Religion

A splinter cult of Gozreh known as the Storm Kindlers believed that the Eye was a manifestation of their deity.

The Eye of Abendego

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